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It was a usual early autumn day, happy and shiny. The life was going on and on, maybe a bit faster in New York, but quite ordinary. People walking, cars passing by, birds flying in the sky. New York was warming up before another busy-city-day. Somebody was still sleeping in his bed watching the dreams, some other people were already working, but the most were waking up, taking breakfast and going to the workplace. None of them knew what was going to start in the next few minuets...

When I first saw the video of the terrorists attack, I refused to believe it! That could not be in real life, - I thought, - this is kind of a joke or a new motion picture trailer. But the sad truth was that it actually took place not just on the screen but in real life! And right after that I felt fear. Sitting on my chair in Yaroslavl, far away from New York I felt so scared and helpless. The same feeling I've experienced not so long ago when I was in Volgograd and Chechen terrorists set up a bomb on the street. Then I've realized that the city I am living in was not protected from terrorists at all. On the 11 of September I've realized that the whole WORLD is not safe from terrorists actions...

Time passes by. Changes take place on the History shelves. What has been done during this year? United States took energetic steps to find and destroy the terrorists, the terrorism issue itself has no longer became a third-thing-to-mention point. I am very glad that many countries understood the real threat of terrorism, and now plan their foreign affairs strategies according to this knowledge. My only wish is that it would never take that much to understand some simple things.

I would like to express my feelings of sorrow to all the people whose relatives and friends died in the WTC Towers and onboard of the airplanes that day. And I also want to stress the point that terrorism is the major problem of Russian Federation as well, and the more the two countries cooperate with each other, the more results will be.

Ilya Katulin

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September 11th

This page is dedicated to the memory of all the people, whose life ended on the September the 11th in the terrorist act, and who resisted the terrorists plans.